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GOAT Michael Jordan has been immortalized in ink on many, including the man who wears MJ’s famed #23 jersey on his back. Honored by more than just fans, Jordan tattoos are also on the court, including Marcin Gortat’s Jordan Brand's "Jumpman" logo on his lower leg.

"Jordan" of all Jordan fans, @Kon3Viga on Instagram.

"Jordan" of all Jordan fans, @Kon3Viga on Instagram.

Robb Friedman, fine art sports painter and realtor, went to Steve Butcher for a tattoo portrait of basketball's greatest of all time.

In the realm of sports portraits, New Zealand's Steve Butcher is arguably the greatest of all time. Tattooing some of the best sports scenes you'll ever see, Butcher's love of the NBA often uses Kobe and the Lakers as his muse. As Butcher's pieces practically come to life on the skin, looking at his tattoo portfolio, you almost feel like you are watching a highlight reel. 

In an interview with Chris Brickley, the NBA's most sought after trainer, INKED asked what pro basketball team he would want to play on, and he chose The 1996-1997 Chicago Bulls roster, for Jordan. 

To see Friedman's art, click here.

For more Steve Butcher tattoos, see below.

In the words of Marv Albert, Butcher is on fire!