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Thanks to his trademark thick glasses, you might not have noticed that Moby has a face tattoo to the side of his right eye. But when he takes his glasses off you can see it clear as day—a "V" and an "X" on top of each other. 

Much like the "Vegan for Life" tattoo on his neck and the massive "Animal Rights" tattoos that go up both of his arms, Moby's face tattoo also has to do with his passion for living a clean lifestyle. People must have been asking the singer about the "VX" tattoo because he took to Instagram to explain the meaning behind it. 

"V is for vegan, X is for straight edge," Moby explains in the post. "Straight edge because I simply can’t be a good activist if i’m lying in bed sick & hungover until 5pm every day... and of course vegan because i care about animals, human health, climate change, rainforest deforestation, workers rights, water use, famine, and all of the other horrifying things that are the result of using animals for food."

That's a lot of meaning to pack into two little letters, but that is what makes the piece such an effective tattoo. It's a way for Moby to celebrate the choices that he makes and the things he feels passionately about without being explicit, like a knowing wink to those who understand. 

Be sure to keep checking in with us to see if Moby adds more to his collection.