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On May 14th, 2019 we published a story featuring Ethan Bramble, a.k.a. Modboy. ModBoy is a 22-year-old body modification enthusiast with over 150 tattoos, ink injected eyeballs, a split tongue, and subdermal implants. In addition to being featured on our page, Modboy was the star of Barcroft TV video which has accumulated over 4 million views.


Well, just over two weeks since we put up our first story, Modboy has made headlines once again after a warrant was issued for his arrest by the Victoria Police. Soon after, Modboy's photo was released by the Victoria Police's Facebook page, to which he commented: "I’ve never once seen him in my life."

In addition to outing himself on Facebook, Modboy had been seen taunting the police on an Instagram story and when asked by Australia's Channel 10 radio why he was wanted by the police, he answered on air that he believed he was wanted for failing to show up to court regarding alleged damages to a vehicle.

However, since going on air, a spokesperson for the Victoria police reported that in actuality, he was wanted for arrest over "assault-related" offenses related to an altercation with an ex-partner at a bar.

Modboy quickly took to his social media to defend his actions, explaining that he'd dropped a beer bottle on the ground and that camera footage proved he'd neither thrown or aimed it at her body. He went on to condemn the "media circus," claiming this story was only getting international attention because of his avant-garde appearance.

Modboy is expected to appear in a Melbourne court in June to fight these allegations and until then, he will likely keep his followers up to date with his pending arrest.

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