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Meet Amber Luke, a 24-year-old tattoo collector and body modification enthusiast from Australia. She's gained international attention for her avant-garde appearance, which includes a growing number of face tattoos, a split tongue and of course, blue eyeballs.

She recently spoke out about her bold modifications through Barcroft's "Hooked on the Look" series, which commonly features heavily tattooed individuals from around the world. In the video, Luke admits to being temporarily blinded by the eyeball procedure, stating that she was unable to see for approximately three weeks. However, despite her complications, she doesn't regret the procedure.

Eyeball tattooing is an extremely risky modification to perform, as ink is injected into a single layer of the sclera and if the artist goes too deep or shallow, serious consequences may arise. We saw the worst happen several years ago in Canada, when a woman was not only permanently blinded by the procedure, but later opted to surgically remove her eyeballs from her skull. Following her story, many states, cities and provinces moved to ban the practice entirely.

Take a look at Luke's take on her traumatizing experience getting her eyeballs inked and why she doesn't regret having them done. Then take a look at some of her other body modifications, including her impressive tattoo collection, in the gallery below