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Every month 1 billion people use Instagram, 500 million of which use the application every single day. As of June 2016, 95 million posts are made to Instagram daily and most tattooers today use social media as a tool to promote their art, therefore attracting clients.

However, with all the new tattoos we see posted to Instagram every single day, we wondered what the most liked tattoo related post of all time would be? Well, it turned out that the answer is not entirely surprising.

When it came down to calculating the tattoo-related post with the most engagement, we realized that it likely wouldn't come from an artist's page. Although there are many tattooers with millions of followers, this won't even come close to the engagement of A-list celebrities.

Once we determined that the post would be coming from a big name star, we took a look at the most followed celebrities on Instagram. From there, we figured that the most needed to belong to either The Rock, Ariana Grande, or Justin Bieber.

Although Ariana Grande has the most followers out of this trio, her lack of posts directly about her tattoos took her out of the running. When putting The Rock and Bieber head to head, we believed that Dwayne Johnson would come out on top because he has nearly 30 million more followers. However, it's not the followers that matter, it's all about engagement. And for that reason, Justin Bieber's torso reveal comes out on top.

The Rock's Nikko Hurtado coverup may have been groundbreaking, however, the post itself only received 2.4 million likes on Instagram. However, when Bieber revealed his completed Bang Bang torso tattoo, the video got 24.2 million views and the photo got 5.6 million likes. 

What do you think about Instagram's most popular tattoo? Does Bieber's ink live up to the hype? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.