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Tattoo fading is inevitable, however, not every tattoo is created equal. Certain styles are prone to accelerated fading and a person's skin may digest the pigment faster than others. Yet, across the board, the most universal indication of whether a tattoo will fade depends on where it's located on the body. While the arms, legs, and torso are known to hold the tattoo together over time, high motion areas are prone to rapid fading. Take a look at the top 11 body parts known for accelerated fading and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.


Elbow tattoos need to be bold in order to last. The callused skin on your elbow is likely to wear down anything light or delicate.


Like your elbows, knees are constantly in motion and tattoos on this body part need thick lines and fully saturated color to stand the tests of time.


Thinking of a fine-line tattoo on the knuckles? Well, it will definitely be a temporary tattoo.

Side of Finger

Although this location has become very popular over the years, tattoos in this location are bound to fade quicker than most.

Finger Web

While tattoos in this spot look cool, they'll be gone before you know it.



Bottom of the Foot

Why you'd want to get a tattoo in this spot is a mystery to me in the first place. But take a picture, because it will last longer than the tattoo.

Side of the Hand

Although these tattoos look pretty in the moment, they will certainly need a touch up or two.

Inner Lip

Thankfully, the token drunk party tattoo from your college tattoo will fade like a memory.

Inner Wrist

While the wrist is an excellent spot for a tattoo, the closer you are to the creases of the palm the more likely the ink will fall out over time.


We're not sure why this area isn't as resilient to lasting tattoos, but we're curious to see how this piece in particular holds up over time.