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Los Angeles-based alternative metal band Motive Black released their cathartic single, “Fight Alone,” giving us a taste of the band’s upcoming debut album, “Auburn.” The single, produced by Grammy winner Nick Rowe (Bloodsimple, Vampire Weekend), features Elana Justin’s impassioned vocals backed by Rowe’s shredding guitars and Ray Luzier’s (Korn, KXM) hard-hitting drums. Overcome with primal emotion, “Fight Alone” tells the story of devastation, awakening and empowerment.

Beginning her journey in the small bar band scene of New York, Justin took her leap of faith and moved to the west coast to explore new avenues of art and music. She quickly became immersed in the local music community, and made a world of connections that lead to collaborating with Rowe, ultimately birthing the rock phoenix that is Motive Black.

Photo by Jim Louvau

Photo by Jim Louvau

“[‘Fight Alone’] is about losing yourself in passion,” Justin says. “Attraction is a powerful thing, it can be amazing, but also vicious. It can engulf you, and cloud your mind, but also awaken you in ways you never thought possible. Everything feels dangerous and so alive."

In the single’s lyrics, pain and resilience are at the forefront, and Justin doesn’t hold back in divulging it all. “Feeling masochistic waiting for you” encapsulates the visceral emotion of a deserted lover, while “I can control it now” is the reclamation of power that ultimately prevails. Amidst electrified cries and abrasive walls of sound, the song is an anthem for taking control of your own fate.

Motive Black is still fresh in its conception, but they’ve got a lot coming down the pipe. “Fight Alone” joins the band’s previous singles in coming into their own vivid sound more than ever. Their debut record is set to release in early 2023, and was produced at the legendary NRG Studios in North Hollywood, CA by Rowe and mixed by Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Papa Roach). In Justin’s words, the album is a “wild ride through that journey of anger, mania, deep love, and self discovery.” 

Check out the premiere video for "Fight Alone" below.