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Lemmy Kilmister may have been born to lose, but he lived to win. And win he did. Kilmister was one of those very few individuals who is instantly recognizable with only a single name—Cher, Oprah, Lemmy. And of those, he's the only one who fucking rocked. 

Lemmy would have turned 75 years old today, so we're throwing a party in his honor.

One of the amazing things about Motörhead is the way that the band really fills the gap between different genres. They're metal enough for tried-and-true metalheads without being too hard for straightforward rock fans. And they played so fucking fast with so much attitude they cross over to punk fans as well. They're one of those very rare bands that achieved mainstream acclaim without losing any of their cred in the underground scenes. 

Personally, it's impossible for a certain card to come up in any card game without me desperately wanting to scream out in a poor impression of Lemmy's signature growl, "The aaaaaacccceee of spaaaaaaaaaaades!!" 

Our friends at Revolver are releasing a bundle of exclusive Motörhead merch intended for today's most important holiday. 


Check out the Motörhead "Bomber" album on Silver Vinyl bundled with an exclusive 8x12 hand-numbered photo print on extra heavy paper. This bundle strictly limited to 500 units. 

The bundle includes a hand-numbered Polaroid reprint from the estate of Lemmy. Showing off his sense of humor, Lemmy is the one who added the "Let's Party!" thought bubble. 

It really is fitting that Lemmy's birthday is on Christmas Eve. He is God, after all. Happy birthday, Lemmy! 

Happy birthday, Lemmy! 

Grab Revolver's Exclusive Motörhead bundle here.