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Mountain tattoos are an extremely popular ask in tattoo shops around the world and there are two main reasons why. First off, many people get tattoos to symbolize their love of nature. As someone who grew up in the actual woods and fled to NYC right after high school, I can understand why someone would commemorate their love for mountains with a tattoo. Now that I don't have cabin fever all of the time, I can appreciate going back home and escaping the city by taking a hike. Plus, many people consider hiking a large mountain to be a big milestone and have commemorated a specific geographic landmark with ink. For instance, there are plenty of tattoos of the Rocky Mountains out there. And I'm sure if I ever hiked Mount Everest, I'd want to honor that moment with a tattoo.

Another big reason why people get mountain tattoos is to represent overcoming something significant in their lives. When it came to getting my own mountain tattoo, I wanted it to symbolize overcoming an abusive relationship and finding confidence again after a dark time. For others, the mountain could mean overcoming other types of adversity or jumping smaller hurdles.

Whatever your reason for getting a mountain tattoo, the end result is pretty sensational. Take a look at some of our favorite mountain tattoos from talented artists around the world in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on social media.