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Disney fans have been waiting with bated breath to see more shots for the to-be-released, live action Mulan- and yesterday they were given just that. 

Your favorite mouse released the latest trailer for Mulan- the live action film that presents a more historically accurate representation of one of your favorite childhood animations. The trailer contains badass fight scenes, commercial-worthy hair flips, and a mother fucking phoenix. 

Though this time Disney didn't include the classic songs that can be found in the original animation, the live action film still hits on the nostalgic nerve that comes from watching any classic film. It also serves as some great inspiration for your next Disney-esque ink. 

The story of Mulan is one of ancient Chinese origin from the Northern and Southern Dynasties periods, and revolves around the well-known story of a girl taking her father's place in the army. In the story, Mulan fought for 12 years in the Chinese army and refused to take any award for her practices- just like in the film. She presents a historic female character who rescues all of China, making her one of the few Disney princesses who is completely independent of male saving.  

The live action film is set to be released in May of 2020, and stars Liu Yifei as Mulan. Liu is a Chinese-American actress who has been in quite a few smaller films. The film sadly won't have Mushu. 

What would your Mulan tattoo look like?