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Yesterday, My Chemical Romance announced they'd be reuniting and for 24 hours, the world stopped. MCR made their debut in 2001 and during their career, released four record breaking albums. The early to mid-2000s was pure MCR pandemonium, with the band impacting millions of emo teenagers. However, in 2013 the group split and hearts were broken world wide. Since their breakup, fans have speculated and fantasized about a possible reunion, but most had long given up hope for such an event. That was, until Halloween of this year.

INKED sat with Frank Iero to talk My Chemical Romance and The Future Violents. The guitarist tells us his neck tattoo came from a MCR tour, where the Scorpion ink came to be.

"We show up at the venue and I took a nap. I had this nightmare where things just didn’t work out. I had to get this regular job and I had to sell my guitars and stuff. It was horrible," Iero said. "When I woke up, I was like, ‘Fuck this I’m never having a backup plan.’ So I collected money from everyone in the band, and it came out to be $43. I walked down the street to a tattoo shop in Richmond, Virginia. I said, ‘I have $43 and I want a scorpion on my neck.’"

Iero added, "I realized later on that the Scorpion actually has four legs on one side and three legs on the other side. Which I think signifies how much money I had? *Laughing* Either way, when I came home, my dad was like, ‘You got a fucking what!?’"

On October 31st, 2019 My Chemical Romance announced they'd be reuniting on December 20th for a show in Los Angeles and accompanied the news with promise of new merchandise. Fans around the world, especially on Twitter, went ballistic over the news, with some collapsing to the ground in tears.

Take a look at some of Twitter's best reactions to MCR's return and let us know your thoughts on the band's reunion in the comments section.