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Here at Inked, we spend a lot of time poring over the interwebs looking for celebrities showing off brand new tattoos. Over the years of hard-hitting tattoo journalism, we have found that there are only two different reactions to be had upon finding a new celebrity tattoo. Firstly, there's the complete lack of surprise. This is how we react to Justin Bieber getting inked, for example. 

Then there is the very rare occasion when we are dumbstruck. When we saw that Nathan Fillion went on Instagram to post a photo of a giant snake tattoo our reaction was, simply, him?   

We never expected Captian Mal to be the tattoo type, yet here he is, showing off an enormous snake tattoo on his back. 

The post includes Fillion's signature dry humor, which is the number one reason that we believe this might all be a ruse. "One hellova holiday," Fillion wrote. "Good times on the beach (not pictured), fun times with my family (not pictured), and maybe one poor choice (above). This trip was one for the books. Now, I suppose we have to go back to work? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Please."

Here's the thing. As you can see from the picture, it looks as if Fillion is about dive back into the ocean with his brand new tattoo. And what's the number one thing that you shouldn't do with a new tattoo? GO INTO THE FREAKIN' OCEAN! It's gonna get infected, which means the tattoo is going to get ruined or a hell of a lot worse. And ol' Richard Castle seems a lot smarter than that.

The tattoo also looks like it is all settled in, not freshly done. We're guessing that this is all a bit of a joke. But, who knows, perhaps it really is an actual tattoo.