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Arbor Days have been celebrated in countries around the world for centuries and in the United States, National Arbor Day was first established in 1872 by Julius Sterling Morton, who went on to serve as the Secretary of Agriculture under President Grover Cleveland. National Arbor is observed on the last Friday in April, this year falling on April 24th—just four days after Earth Day.

Many celebrate National Arbor Day by planting trees and on the first Arbor Day in 1872, it was estimated that one million trees were planted in the United States. The Arbor Day Foundation, which was founded 100 years after the first Arbor Day, has taken the reins on this holiday, estimating that over 50 million trees have been planted on American soil since 1972.

This year, National Arbor Day will be celebrated a bit differently, as schools are fully online, however, some parks departments are planting trees on their own and making materials available for individuals. If you're not able to plant any trees, you can still participate in National Arbor Day by admiring some of the best tree tattoos from talented artists around the world. The Arbor Day Foundation will be planting a tree for every social media post that includes the hashtag #ArborDayAtHome with a photo of a tree (including tree tattoos!)

Take a peek at this incredible ink in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on this story on social media.