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In this pandemic, many of us are trying to watch what we eat as gyms are closed. So, despite the temptation to spend the day snacking on our favorite bag of chips, we're trying our best to be good so that we still fit into our jeans once we have to put them on again. Because let's get real, none of us have bothered wearing our jeans since we started social distancing—it's been leggings and sweats all the way baby!

However, because of all the good work you've been doing, there's a holiday right around the corner to reward your sacrifice. And that's National Eat What You Want Day! Huzzah, time to bust out your favorite goodies. Whether you're a fan of cake and ice-cream, Pringles or pretzels, burgers or bacon, or Cheetos or chicken wings—these tattoos are totally yummy! Take a look at some of our favorite guilty pleasure munchies in the gallery below and then let us know what you'll be enjoying this Monday in the comments section on social media.


Because dessert is the best meal of the day.

Salty Snacks

Sometimes, you've gotta indulge in the sodium sensation.

Comfort Food

Nothing says comfort like carbs and cheese.


Willy Wonky made me do it.


Because the best days are started with maple syrup and mimosas.

Meat Lovers

Vegans, sit this one out.


The king, the OG and the fan favorite of all time.