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Honest to God, I've never met a pasta I haven't liked. And when I decided to study abroad in Italy, part of that choice was based on the cuisine. What can I say about pasta that hasn't already been said? It's delicious, it fills you up and when paired with cheese, the clouds part and the angels sing. One of the most culturally beloved pasta dishes is lasaga, which dates back much further than you might think.

According to "Pasta: the Story of a Universal Food," lasagna (or lasagne) dates back to the early 5th century, when a dish called lagana was printed in an Italian cookbook. This dish consisted of sheets of dough with meat stuffing and gave rise to more modern takes throughout the Middle Ages. Lasagna is often associated with Naples and traditional lasagna in this city, called lasagne di carnevale, is made with local sausage, small fried meatballs, hard-boiled eggs, ricotta, mozzarella and Neapolitan ragù. 

In popular culture, lasagna is most often associated with the titular character of the comic "Garfield." Created by cartoonist Jim Davies in 1978, the comic follows an orange tabby cat named Garfield who's lazy, cynical and loves eating lasagna. He was born on June 19th, 1978 in an Italian restaurant called Mamma Leoni's and grew a liking for lasagna as a kitten. Garfield and his love for lasagna made it to the big screen in 2004, when he was created using CGI for his live action film and was brought to life by actor Bill Murray.

In honor of National Lasagna Day, we're celebrating the wonderful world of pasta with some of our favorite tattoos. Take a peek at these delicious and nutritious pasta tattoos in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.