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In times like these, many of us are in need of a cocktail when 5 o'clock rolls around. Whether you're an essential worker, working from home or keeping your kids entertained—we're all experiencing stress and deserve a little treat at the end of the day.

Their are thousands of different cocktails out there, ranging from simple to sophisticated, bitter to sweet and everything in between. But with the weather getting warmer, what could be better than a mint julep? Mint juleps consist of bourbon, simple syrup, crushed or shaved ice and fresh mint. This drink is served in a highball glass and traditional made on the rocks. The word julep means sweet drink and it was originally used as a chaser for medicine. Mint juleps first came into existence during the 18th century and many would be substituted with gin. They're most popular in the South and are synonymous with the Kentucky Derby.

Mint juleps have been associated with the Kentucky Derby since 1938 and are promoted by the hosting racetrack, Churchill Downs. Each year, 120,000 mint juleps are served at the Kentucky Derby and the racetrack serves them in collectable glasses. Since 2006, Churchill Downs has sold $1,000 mint juleps to raise money for charity. These special drinks are sold with gold plated cups, silver straws, Woodford reserve bourbon, Ireland-imported mint, spring water ice cubes from the Bavarian alps and Australian-imported sugar.

In honor of National Mint Julep Day, we're celebrating by sharing some of our favorite cocktail tattoos from talented artists around the world. Take a peek at the delicious tattoos in the gallery below and let us know your drink of choice in the comments section on social media.