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In 1935, Oklahoma native R. Stanton Avery used a $100 loan to invent and patent the first self-adhering sticker. Today, stickers are found on everything from household appliances to clothing to food to car bumpers, serving a variety of uses from identification to self-expression.

Stickers have even made their way into the tattoo world. In tattoo culture, calling a tattoo a sticker means it's technically perfect and appears to have been effortlessly slapped on by the artist. One tattooer in particular, Russia's Sergey Shanko, has built an international brand around the iconography of stickers, crafted stunning sticker-inspired ink with a trademark white border and carefully executed drop shadow, Without further adieau, take a look at 20 of our favorite Sergey Shanko sticker tattoos in the gallery below in honor of National Sticker Day.