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Underwear. Everyone's got em, but they're not all created equal. For example, there's a big difference between buying underwear that comes in a pack from Target and shelling out a couple hundred dollars for a luxurious negligee. And for the purpose of storytelling, we're going to be focusing on the latter for National Underwear Day.

Lingerie dates back to the late 19th century and one of it's early pioneers was Lady Duff-Gordon. Duff-Gordon was a British fashion designer who's most known for creating more wearable corsets, as well as intricate lingerie. She helped to make corsets small, less bulky and less restrictive, with women flocking to her designs for their comfort and style. Another woman who made a tremendous impact on the history of lingerie was Careese Crosby, who received a patent for the modern brassiere. The brassiere made its mass market debut during the early 20th century and was first advertised in "Vogue" in 1904.

By the 1930s, lingerie was given a major update when padding and underwear was added brassieres. As the decades went on, lingerie was altered to fit the most desirable figures of the time: with women of the 1940s and 1950s gravitating toward bullet bras. One of the biggest lingerie businesses of the 20th century was Frederick's of Hollywood, which was established by Frederick Mellinger in 1947, who invented the push-up bra. Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie was worn by a number of notable pin-ups during its hay day, including Bettie Page.

As lingerie entered the 21st century, fashion empire Victoria's Secret ruled the market for many years. Victoria's Secret dominated the industry with their famous runway shows and brought fashionable intimates to the masses via worldwide expansion. However, in recent years, society has made a major shift, pulling away from fast fashion and putting their money toward ethical, sustainable and inclusive brands. Only time will tell where lingerie goes next, but I'm not asking for corsets a girdles to come back into style any time soon.

In honor of National Underwear Day, we've gathered up 50 of our favorite tattoo models rocking gorgeous lingerie. Take a peek at these babes in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on our lingerie history lesson in the comments section on social media.