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Nothing says summer like kicking back in a lawn chair, the sun coming down and a glass of chilled white wine in your hand. White wine is part of the big three of wine, which also includes red and rosé. White wine is made by fermenting grapes without contact from their skins. The skin of the grape is what gives red wine it's color and flavor, whereas white is just the inner pulp. There are three main colors of white wine, which include straw-yellow, yellow-green and yellow-gold.

White wine has been made for at least 7,500, with traces discovered in Iran. White wine was very prominent throughout the Middle East and eventually spread to the Greeks, and later the Romans. During the fall of the Roman Empire, the Germanic Tribes were heavy beer drinkers and didn't see the value of the wine trade. It wouldn't be until the late Middle Ages that white wine became popular in Europe again, which led many farmers in Bordeaux and La Rochelle to begin cultivating vineyards.

During the Crusades, wine made its way from Greece to Spain, as there was a high demand for sweet wine from the royals. Over the next several centuries, trade of wine between the eastern Mediterranean and Northern Europe fell, with Spain exporting wine to England and the Netherlands. By the 18th century, Champagne was invented and over the next century, it exploded in popularity on a global scale. The 20th century saw vineyards opening worldwide, particularly in California, where farmers revolutionized the market with temperature control of fermentation.

Today white wine is enjoyed around the world and the biggest consumers include Australia, Czech Republic and New Zealand. We know that many white wine fanatics are also tattoo lovers, as we've seen heaps of stunning wine tattoos over the years. Take a look at some of our favorite white wine tattoos in the gallery below and let us know what you'll be sipping on National White Wine Day in the comments section on social media.