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The Cyrus sisters are no strangers to tattoos, and neither is the rest of the Cyrus clan. In fact, Noah is the last to join in on the most recent inking. The "Make Me" singer visited LA artist Joey Hill to trust him in tattooing the Cyrus family name on the back of her arm in a circusy kind of font. 

As Cyrus mentions in the caption, her siblings and father all have tattoos with their last name somewhere on their body- though it's hard to find out where since each family member has so many tattoos. 

Noah isn't a stranger to tattoos and even though she is the youngest out of her siblings, she's quickly catching up to them in number of tattoos. She also got a tattoo for her mom and a spider tattoo this year, amongst many others.

It's seems that in the Cyrus family, blood runs thicker than water—and tattoos ink runs thicker than all else.