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During COVID-19, we've been instructed to practice social distancing, avoid touching our faces and wash our hands as often as possible. However, not everyone is good at remembering these tasks and need some extra encouragement.

What could be better than a nurse tattoo? Nurses are symbols of compassion, patience, empathy and sensitivity. Nurse tattoos go back to World War I, as soldiers returning home began getting them tattooed to pay homage to the women who cared for them during battle. These tattoos were often accompanied by the phrase "Rose of No Man's Land," which was the nickname many soldiers gave to these nurses.

As time went on, nurse tattoos became a staple of American traditional tattooing, appearing on flash sheets by Sailor Jerry, Bert Grimm and Lyle Tuttle. They became extremely popular in pin-up form following WWII, as many soldiers had posters of pin-ups to keep them company. Today, nurse tattoos can be found across all styles, from neo-traditional to new school to realism. However, based on a quick investigation on Instagram, many collectors choose to go the classic route with their nurse tattoos, sticking to the American traditional rules.

In honor of everyone doing their best to stay healthy, we're happy to show some of our favorite nurse tattoos from talented artists around the world. Take a peek at these ladies in uniform in the gallery below, then let us know your thoughts on this story on social media.