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COVID-19 has caused millions around the world to change their daily routines, with many refraining from using public transportation or working in a crowded office by practicing social distancing. This can be especially hard for tattoo artists, who only make money if they're in the shop tattooing. But, social distancing has caused many shops to go appointment only or close up for the foreseeable future. However, there are plenty of ways you can support the arts without leaving your house. Many artists have online shops where they sell prints, apparel and more, shipping to locations around the world. We've gathered up a few examples of NYC tattooers who offer merchandise on their websites in the gallery below, take a look at what they're selling and let us know how you're practicing social distancing on social media.

Adam Machin—Inked NYC

Been wanting to decorate your living room with a custom Japanese painting? Well, no need to hop aboard a plane. Adam Machin creates custom prints and one of them could be yours!

Pony Lawson—Inked NYC

Supporting tattooers doesn't always mean shelling out tons of cash on a big print and Pony Lawson has custom pins and stickers that won't break the bank.

Joice Wang—Grit N Glory

Joice Wang specializes elegant floral tattoos and creates prints of crystals and plants for her website.

Courtney Raimondi—Grit N Glory

Courtney Raimondi crafts colorful tattoos inspired by anime and cartoons, but that's not all she's got up her sleeve. She also designs stickers, custom wood paintings and designed collection on t-shirts for Grit N Glory.

Matt Truiano—No Idols

Looking for beautiful wall art? Look no further than Matt Truiano, who creates stunning neo-traditional prints.

Mira Mariah—Fleur Noire

While it may not be possible for you to book an appointment with Ariana Grande's tattoo artist, it is possible to wear her designs. Mariah has created everything from socks to prints to hoodies, grab em while you can.

Nikki Simpson—EverBlack Tattoo

Love Nikki Simpson from her time on "Ink Master?" You too can rock a Simpson original by grabbing one of her stunning prints.

Troy Denning—Invisible NYC

While his shop may be Invisible, Troy Denning's prints, pins and t-shirts are sure to get you noticed.

Lazer Liz—Bang Bang

Braving the New York City subway for a new tattoo may not be recommended, but Lazer Liz has you covered with her print store.

Bobby Cupparo—L.O.V.E. Machine

Love Bobby Cupparo's bright and colorful designs but can't settle on anything other than black-and-grey. Then maybe a t-shirt is more your speed.

Bert Krak—Smith Street

Repping your favorite traditional shop has never been easier with custom t-shirts, hats, lighters and more from Bert Krak's Smith Street Tattoo Parlor.

Castle Basas—Bang Bang

You don't need to shell out thousands for a custom piece by Castle Basas when you can snag one of his hand painted faux fur designs instead.

Megan Massacre—Grit N Glory

Megan Massacre's clients travel near and far for her tattoos, but did you know that you can have a piece of Massacre, such as her brand new book, delivered right to your home?

Jess Mascetti—Inked NYC

Can't make up your mind? Why not support Inked NYC tattooer with this month's Marked by Inked subscription box? Each box comes with an exclusive print designed by Mascetti, as well as other fabulous goodies.

Raphael Ortiz—Inked NYC

What's colorful, creative and doesn't break the bank? A print by NYC's own Raphael Ortiz of course!

Maria Garza—Inked NYC

$20 for a gorgeous print from a world renowned tattooer? How could you pass it up?

Bradley Silver—Inked NYC

You don't need to be in NYC for a Bradley Silver original. You're welcome!