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When it comes to tattoos inspired by New York City, we've seen hundreds of skylines, skyscrapers and depictions of the Statue of Liberty. Now, don't get me wrong, these make for great tattoos. However, there are other ways to honor NYC in a tattoo.

If you've lived in New York, you'll know that it's a pretty unique place. There truly is no place like the Big Apple. For instance, the NYC subway is both a magical and terrifying place at the same time. In the subway, you'll find some of the most fascinating people that walk planet Earth. Honestly, it's eye opening. And you can't forget about the wildlife—pigeons and rats. Sure, they may be dirty and they likely have some pretty shocking diseases, but they're just as tough as any New Yorker. Plus, they'll eat just about anything.

Of course there are plenty of amazing things about New York that captivate both it's residents and visitors, notably the world class cuisine. And we're not talking about the five star restaurants, we mean the $1 pizza slices and bagels with lox. Let's not forget the bodega coffee, which is the real reason the city never sleeps.

Take a look at 45 epic tattoos inspired by NYC in the gallery below, then let us your favorite part about the Empire City in the comments section on social media.