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If you follow Nyjah Huston on social media, you know that he is a constant fountain of energy ripping off tricks on damn near anything with wheels. Whether it's grinding rails on his board or building jumps for his dirt bike, Huston never seems to be sitting still. The only time he even slows down is to sit in the tattoo chair, which he did over the weekend. 

Finding himself with a little bit of downtime after wrecking his ankle, Huston took the opportunity to expand his tattoo collection. Corey Divine, a master at all things sacred geometry, added some ornamental blackwork to Huston's back/arm. The beautiful partial mandala fits into Huston's existing work seamlessly. 

Over the years, Huston has built up a very impressive collection of black-and-grey pieces from some of the world's most sought after artists. His neck was done by Thomas Hooper over about 20 hours, showing that Huston not only has good taste, but he's quite dedicated to his art. 

When we spoke with Huston for the 2020 Moto Issue, he told us about how his tattoo journey started. Looking at his current collection, and the tattoos he has gotten recently, one would have thought that he had it all planned out for quite some time. Nope. It all started at the 2013 Tampa Pro, when one of his friends wanted to get tattoos right before the contest got rolling.

“At first I was like, ‘God, no man, that sounds crazy,’” Huston laughs. “I wasn't ready for that and I don't even know if I ever wanted one. And then he kept talking to me about it and then eventually I was like, ‘Fuck it. I’m down.’ And then I went outside and I got it.”

Huston got the Thrasher "Skate and Destroy" logo and has never looked back. 

Huston's new tattoo is fantastic, as Divine's work always is. Hopefully that ankle heals up soon, but until then, we hope that Huston adds some more amazing ink to his collection. 

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