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In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, The New York Times held a panel which featured six of NYC's finest tattoo artists. During the panel, the artists were asked to speak on their experiences as Asian-American tattoo artists, one of the fastest growing demographics in the industry. The artists touched on how they entered the tattoo industry, how their families responded to their first tattoos, and the various misconceptions they've faced as racial minorities in the tattoo world. 

The six panelists who opened up about their experiences shed light on the nuances of being an Asian-American in an industry largely dominated by white men and gave insight on how they found their niche. Yet, despite being unified by their Asian heritage, when it comes to style, these artists couldn't be more diverse. From fine line to watercolor to Japanese, the only thing these artists had in common was their background. Take a look at the artists who spoke on The New York Times panel in the gallery below and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.

Jack Poohvis, Fleur Noire Tattoo

Shanzey Afzal, Ink Minx Tattoo

Mohan Gurung, Mohan's Tattoo Inn

Joice Wang, Grit N Glory

Chang, West 4 Tattoo

Young Bae, Diamond Tattoos