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Happy Opening Day! 

Well, unless you're a fan of the Mets, Red Sox, Orioles or Nationals as the twin terrors of rain and COVID-19 have canceled their games. Which is a bummer. But it's good practice for how you're going to feel at the end of the season when your team doesn't win it all. Therein is the beauty of sports, unless you're a fan of one specific team (and the that team is most definitely the Baltimore Orioles), you're going to be disappointed when the season is over. 

But today, if only today, there is hope. There is hope that this is going to be the year for your beloved [insert team name here {but don't bother if it's the Orioles}]. That's what everybody loves about Opening Day... but not me. 

No, I hate Opening Day. This is the day when everybody pretends to care about baseball when they're the same people who will be telling me the sport is too boring come June. This is the day that people who have no idea what the infield fly rule is take the time to scream at me that my team sucks as I wear my Red Sox hat on the subway. It's probably the punk rocker in me that gets mad about casual fans. It's not that I'm trying to be a gatekeeper—I want everybody to love baseball even a fraction as much as I do—but it still drives me nuts. Today is special for those of us who have the disease of baseball fandom, I'd rather just share it with the super diehards such as myself. 

Like the people who have the tattoos down below. They are true hardcore baseball fanatics. Tip of the hat to you. Enjoy the games, my friends.