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The COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended all of our lives, particularly those of us who are music lovers. Social distancing guidelines have essentially canceled all concerts for the foreseeable future. But have no fear, we've got a solution for those of you craving a show. 

The Oracle Live has partnered with Inked, REVOLVER and Veeps to bring some of your favorite bands directly into your home. You'll have a front-row ticket to see bands like Alien Ant Farm, Black Veil Brides and many others, all without even having to put on your shoes. It's everything you love about going to a live show, but without getting covered in other peoples' sweat and paying $14 for lukewarm beers. 


“We have live trucks, camera crews, production and audio light engineers all at the ready to bring live music back into people’s lives,” says Anahstasia Fafara, CEO, The Oracle Live. “The fans are wanting music—that’s a given—but we’ve also got crews and bands all over the world who need to get back to work in the safest way possible. In these hard times, those people will remember who came to the table to try to get them working again. I’m on a mission!"

Much like the tattoo industry, the entire music industry has been economically battered by the pandemic. These livestreams will not only everyone bored out of their minds at home, but they will help get some money into the pockets of the bands that we love. 

“Helping artists, venues and the touring community get through this challenging time has been the mission for Veeps,” says Veeps’ Benji Madden. “The Oracle Live is committed to bringing their vast knowledge and experience to present an A-level show and we are proud to be the choice for ticketing their live streams. We are excited to partner with Anahstasia and her professional teams around the globe to help execute any production needs. We feel this will be an exciting option to help bridge the gap between this time of staying home and when touring does finally come back to all of us.”

Some bands have been doing what they can to play shows from their own homes or backyards, and that's cool, but it doesn't feel like a real show. Without the stage and lights, it all feels a little empty. That's why these streams are taking place at one of the most famous venues in the world—L.A.'s Whisky a Go Go. “The Whisky a Go Go is pleased to team up with The Oracle Live and Veeps, exclusively, to bring live music back into the world’s hearts,” says Mikeal Maglieri, Whisky A Go Go/Rainbow Bar & Grill/M Productions. “Rock ‘n’ roll lives forever!”

It's going to rock. Down below are some of the scheduled livestreams, with more to be announced soon.