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There are thousands of unique and fascinating species of mammals out there. Some of these mammals live in trees, while others burrow under ground. But, some of our all time favorites prefer to spend their time in water. Because they're mammals, these creatures rely on oxygen for survival and cannot spend their days fully submerged in water (unlike fish). However, they spend a significant amount of their time in water and rely on obtaining most of their food from these habitats.

We could spend all day going over the may types of semi-aquatic mammals out there, but there are only three that truly dominate the tattoo world: otters, beavers and seals. These three creatures are exceptionally popular when it comes to being the subjects of tattoos. Take a peek at some of our favorite examples in the gallery below and let us know your favorite semi-aquatic mammal in the comments section on social media.


Family: Rodent

Habitat: North America

Famous Faces: Daggett and Norbert Beaver of "The Angry Beavers"


Family: Weasel

Habitat: North America

Famous Faces: Mr. and Mrs. Otterton of "Zootopia"


Family: Pinniped

Habitat: Arctic and Antarctica

Famous Faces: Gerald of "Finding Dory"