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Ozzy Osbourne appeared on Good Morning America to share some life changing news about his health—the Prince of Darkness has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. 

Osbourne went on GMA to share that he received the diagnosis for Parkinson's last February, after a fall that forced the singer to go to the hospital. Osbourne was 70 at the time of the fall, and had to cancel all of his tours for the 2019 year after the incident. Now, Osbourne is sharing that the cancelation of the tour was at the basis of his diagnosis—not the fall. 

Osbourne shared that he was diagnosed with PRKN 2, and that his surgery as well as the disease has left him with nerve damage and pains. Parkinson's is a disease which damages nerve cells in the brain and thus leads to muscular damage throughout the body. Symptoms often include tremors or rigidity, and while medication makes life relatively normal for most—there is no cure for the illness. 

The entire family shared the difficulties they are facing from their father's diagnosis, and how they are planning on moving forward. Wife of Ozzy, Sharon Osbourne, told GMA that the family plans on heading to Switzerland to visit a specialist who could possibly enhance Osbourne's treatment.

This news all follows the Osbourne documentary that is set to be released at the South by Southwest this spring. Though, it hasn't been explicitly shared that the documentary will go into Osbourne's diagnosis, it can be assumed that the topic will at least need to be discussed during the film. 

According to Ozzy himself, he's doing far better than when he originally received his diagnosis. He is set to return to tour in May in Georgia, and then continue in October to the UK to finish off the year. Ultimately, fans are happy to see Osbourne happy and set to return to the stage.