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Chip and Laura Franks, from Salado, Texas, honored their son with matching tattoos. Their son, Alec, has Down syndrome, so the Franks decided to get an extra chromosome in the form of of ink, to mimic the design of the 21st chromosome related to Down syndrome.

Their daughter, Mandy, tweeted the tattoo artist inking the token of love, and the post has since gone viral, with more than 14,500 retweets and 117,000 Likes.

*Mandy Franks wrote in a follow-up tweet that she and her family are aware the tattoo isn’t an accurate representation of the 21st chromosome, associated with Down syndrome, and that the tattoo is merely a symbol of their love of their son.

Many have contributed to Mandy's thread, taking the opportunity to show their chromosome tattoos, as well as support for those with Down syndrome.