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During quarantine, tattoo shops have been closed down to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, that didn't stop Paris Jackson from getting a new tattoo. On May 12th, Jackson shared a photo to her Instagram where she was tattooing her foot. In the photo, Jackson is taking somewhat proper precautions by using a rotary machine with a clip cord cover and wearing gloves.


Jackson continued sharing her self-tattooing journey on her Instagram story, posting a video of her tattoo to the song "Yellow Bike" by Pedro the Lion.


Jackson's new tattoo is an unalome. An unalome is a Buddhist symbol that represents life's path and the many battles we encounter along the way. Unalomes appear frequently in Sak Yant tattoos, which are popular throughout Thailand and Myanmar. The spiral at the end of the unalome represents the struggle of life, the loops represent the transition to Nirvana and the thin line at the end represents reaching enlightenment. Unalomes can take many different shapes and many often include lotus flowers, which represent enlightenment, rebirth and purity in many eastern religions. Some unalomes have dots at the end, which represent death and the end of a life cycle.

Many other celebrities have unalome tattoos of their own, including Cheryl Cole, Ruby Rose and Angelina Jolie.


Keep in mind, we don't recommend DIY tattoos. Fresh tattoos are essentially open wounds and you don't want to get any dirt or bacteria in them that can cause an infection. Although we're all itching to get our next tattoo, wait until the shops open back up and you can get an appointment with a professional. Trust us, no one wants to go to the ER with an infected tattoo.