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There are many terrible things in this world, however, pastries are not one of them. Pastries are baked goods that are made from a flour dough, water and shortening. They can also be both sweet and savory. Some of the most commonly consumed pastry dishes from around the world include tarts, pies, quiches, pasties and of course, croissants. 

Croissants are a flakey, buttery pastry that originated in France. The croissant takes inspiration from the shape of the Austrian kipferl bread roll, which began being produced in the 13th century. The croissant itself dates back to at least 1839, when Austrian entrepreneur August Zang founded a Viennese bakery in Paris. Croissants began appearing in French recipe books during the early 20th century and by then, it was a breakfast staple of French cuisine. 

Other than croissants, there are plenty of great pastries out there. And you know what? There are also tons and tons of amazing pastry inspired tattoos from talented tattoo artists around the world. Sure, they may not be edible (please, don't eat your tattoos), but they sure do last longer than any sugary treat on the market. Take a look at some of our favorite perfect pastry tattoos in the gallery below. Then let us know your favorite type of pastry in the comments section on social media.