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When I was three years old, I went on a trip to Australia with my parents. We were riding on a train en route to Canberra from Sydney when I, a tow-headed and precocious youngster, turned around to face the people sitting behind us. 

"Hi! My name is Charlie. What's your favorite beer? Mine's Pabst Blue Ribbon!" 

My mother immediately turned bright red (coincidentally it was the same shade as the diagonal stripe found on the iconic PBR can) and stared daggers at my father. Perhaps teaching me to fetch beers wasn't the smartest idea my dad ever had. Letting me take a tiny sip from time to time was probably an even worse idea, but the damage was done. I was a globe-trotting youngster who already had a lifelong love affair with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. 

Over the years my love has only grown fonder. I hugged multiple people while on a brewery tour. I cried when I visited the Pabst Mansion. I have used the address found on the side of the can—PO Box 739, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201—every time I've filled out a credit card application solely for the free swag. One thing I haven't done is get a PBR tattoo and now I regret that significantly. 

This Saturday is National Tattoo Day and Pabst wants to share the love with their many dedicated fans who have decided to wear their love of PBR on their skin for the rest of their lives. If you have a PBR tattoo post it on social media this Saturday with the tag #PBRTattoo and if you're one of the first 250 people to do this you'll be getting one of these sweet shirts. 

Designed by Lisa Champ, the shirt pays homage to my two favorite things—old school tattoo art and PBR. Champ, a finalist for the 2020 PBR Art Can Contest, is a New York City-based designer and illustrator who clearly shares a love of tattoos and PBR. 

So if you have a killer PBR tattoo like the ones found in the gallery below, share it with the world, tag it #PBRTattoo and you may end up with this killer shirt. If you don't have a PBR tattoo, stop being a coward and go get one! So crack open a can of the beer that blew everybody away at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago and enjoy these blue-ribbon worthy PBR tattoos!