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Some birds are known for their incredible flying abilities, others are known for being fierce hunters. Some birds are known for their impressive mating calls, while others are known for their migration patterns. Peacocks, well, they're primarily recognized for being stunningly beautiful. Peafowl are a group of three species of phasianide birds, which include the blue or Indian peafowl, the green or Indonesian peafowl and the African or Congo peafowl. Male peafowl are generally referred to as peacocks, whereas females known as peahens. The male peafowl are known for their extravagant plumage, which includes an eye-spotted train of covert feathers. Although many of us recognize the blue peacock patterning as being the same among these birds, there are actually hundreds of color and pattern variations.

These bright feathers serve an important purpose, as the males display them in a mating ritual to seduce the peahens. Charles Darwin studied peacocks under the lens of evolution, theorizing that peacocks evolved their plumage through sexual selection in 1859's "On the Origin of Species" and in 1871's "The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex."

In honor of all the peacock fanatics out there, we've gathered together 100 of our favorite tattoos from some of the most talented tattoo artists from around the world. Then let us know your favorite fun fact about peacocks in the comments section on social media.