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PEARS have been such a prominent fixture within the punk scene since their inception in 2014 that it's kind of hard to believe that they've only released two albums up to this point. After touring relentlessly and rocking faces off at thousands of shows, the quartet finally took some time to record a follow up to 2016's "Green Star." 

Their third full length, "PEARS," will be coming out via Fat Wreck Chords on March 6th. To get us all riled up and excited for the album, the band released the tune "Comfortably Dumb." 

This time around PEARS are trying out some different things. Both in the way the songs sound—expect a little more of a pop sound from some of the tunes—and in the way that they approached the creation of the album.

“The last PEARS record, almost every detail was worked out before we ever stepped foot into the studio,” singer Zack Quinn says via press release. “This record, we went in with skeletons of songs and put things together on the fly.”


The album starts with a mountain of feedback, as one would expect, but from there it moves in some very interesting and new directions. There are elements of prog, hardcore, grunge and metal throughout the energetic album, and in some cases, they do it all within one song. 
“It makes perfect sense that this is the third act, but it's not what I would have predicted it to be,” Quinn says. “I wouldn’t have guessed that the album would end on a bittersweet note. It’s more uplifting than either record that we’ve done, but it’s not a happy record.”

"PEARS" comes out on March 6th from Fat Wreck Chords. They're going to be touring basically everywhere on Earth over the next year, including Europe, Australia and South America. So be sure to check 'em out.