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Ask anyone who works in retail and they'll be able to list off several "crazy customer" stories. From shoplifting to causing a scene in a clothing store, almost everyone in this industry has experienced an out of control customer at their job. However, with the exception of people in the medical field or those who work with small children or animals, few can admit to being peed on at their job. Yet, this was exactly what happened to a tattooer based in Huntington Beach, California.


In a video posted to @monday_malarkey, a tattoo artist named Nick White experiences one of the wildest tattoo shop nightmares we've ever seen. In the video, the artist takes a step back from his client, who begins urinating in the chair. The video ends with White, who tells the customer that he doesn't feel comfortable tattooing him.

What do you think of this crazy tattoo experience? Have you ever heard of a client peeing during a tattoo? What would you do if you were in White's urine-soaked shoes? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.