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Everyone has that one story that you're pretty sure is just a tall tale, but you tell it anyway because you wish it was true. Well, here's mine. Several years ago, family friend told me a story about a class trip that occurred a few towns away from where I grew up. This class trip brought a group of seventh graders to the New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts. And if you haven't been, I'd highly recommend the trip. Anyway, there was a kid on this trip who was on the spectrum and at some point during the trip, his pants became wet and the teachers assumed that he got too close to one of tanks on the interactive exhibits. Instead, they realized something quite different when they returned to the bus.

On the bus, maybe an hour away from the aquarium, the teachers noticed that the student was clutching his backpack on his lap and the backpack was leaking water onto the floor. They were immediately concerned and went to the student, only to realize that he'd (somehow) taken a penguin when no one was looking and stowed it away in his backpack. And to this kid, I salute you for (almost) making all our dreams of having a penguin as a pet come true.

In honor of his kid and all the other fearless penguin lovers out there, take a peek at 50 of our favorite penguin tattoos from talented artists around the world. Then let us know your favorite penguin fun fact in the comments section on social media.