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Pete Davidson is known for many things: once dating Ariana Grande, being a regular on Saturday Night Live, starring in "The King of Staten Island" and, at least to us here at Inked, being one of the most tattooed actor/comedians out there. 

Apparently Mr. Davidson isn't so keen on the latter and he's been working on removing many of those tattoos for a while now. Davidson appeared on "Late Night with Seth Myers" this week to discuss his new podcast "Hit Job" among other topics when the subject of his tattoos came up. 

Long story short, nobody likes having to get to work a couple hours early to sit in makeup as they work to cover up all of their ink. In the interview, Davidson dishes out some poignant tattoo advice gleaned from his past mistakes: "If you're going to get tattoos just make sure you really want it.. and aren't on mushrooms." 

Words to live by, truly. Davidson also goes on to joke about how some of his less well-planned tattoos—like a drawing of Stewie Griffin puffing on a blunt—have led to some pretty comical situations between he and his doctor. 

Check out the video down below to hear what Davidson has to say about the experience of removing his tattoos. While we can't quite relate to the idea of our tattoos holding us back from landing starring roles in Hollywood movies, wanting to have made better tattoo decisions and fearing the pain of laser removal is something I think all of us can understand.