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On April 5th, 2019 Stephen King's Pet Sematary took the big screen in theaters throughout the world. The 2019 film has a talented cast of actors, including Jason Clarke of Brotherhood, Amy Seimetz of The Killing, and John Lithgow of The Crown. However, all anyone has been talking about since the premiere is the film's feline performers.

In Pet Sematary, the family has a Mainecoon cat named Church who is killed by a truck and comes back to life in the film. The cat has been used to promote the film in posters and throughout the premiere season, Church has appeared at a number of premieres.

During the filming process of Pet Sematary, five cats were used. However, two cats, named Tonic and Leo, were the primary feline actors for the film. Tonic received the most screentime in the film and he's trained by Melissa Millett of Ultimutts. 

Millet is the co-founder of Canada's premiere stunt animal show and regularly tours with seven dogs and one cat. Each of her animals has unique talents, including riding a scooter, playing basketball, jumping rope, and more. These four-legged performers have appeared on many Canadian news networks, as well as, Animal Planet, Good Morning America, The Pet Network, and a Superbowl commercial.

For more information about Millet and her talented crew, take a look at the Ultimutt's website and other social pages.