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Pewdiepie is the most subscribed to individual on YouTube, with 101 MILLION people tuned in to his content. And in addition to being at the top of the subscriber game, he also has some of the best tattoos on YouTube. Many YouTubers have made questionable tattoo decisions over the years and if you don't believe us, watch these tattoo artists reacting to their wild ink. But for now, take a look at Pewdiepie's impressive collection and let us know your thoughts on his body of work in the comments section.

Heart Face and Crying Eye on Left Forearm

This tattoo was done by an artist, Luciano, in London.

Frog (Slippy) Playing Trumpet on Left Arm

This tattoo is a memorial piece for his pet frog Slippy who passed away. It was done by an artist Haskey in Osaka, Japan.

Spooky Church on Right Arm

This tattoo is symbolic of a church from Pewdiepie's childhood. It was done by tattoo artist Will Pacheco in Stockholm.

Skeleton Riding Cat on Right Arm

This tattoo was inspired by a painting creating by artist Gary Baseman.

Robot Girl on Right Arm

This tattoo was inspired by a design created by artist Kaws.


Nude Woman with Skeleton on Left Bicep