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Over the years we've learned that fans will hold on to some pretty strange piece of memorabilia from their favorite stars. People have spent thousands on items ranging from Elvis' report card to some of Britney Spears' hair from when she shaved her head. We've also become accustomed to seeing a variety of weird tattoo tributes from fans, like the girl who set a record by getting roughly 10,000 portraits of Eminem. But this may be the very first time we've ever seen a star get a tattoo commemorating an odd piece of memorabilia from a fan.

Phoebe Bridgers, the current sweetheart of the indie music scene, got a very unique tattoo over the past weekend. The tattoo, a fine line illustration of a sword piercing a piece of paper, was done by Dr. Woo. Unsurprisingly, Bridgers ended up with a beautiful tattoo, but why did she choose this design? Is it some sort of commentary about songwriting? Or perhaps she got the tattoos to let the world know she's a really big "Game of Thrones" fan? Nope, the real explanation is far weirder than any of these. 

As Bridgers explains in her Instagram post, a fan of hers left a sword piercing a note backstage for her as a gift. Most people would likely consider this to be a sort of veiled threat from a deranged LARPer. Bridgers, on the other hand, thought the gift was tattoo worthy. 

We do have to admit, that is a pretty sweet sword, both IRL and as a tattoo. All jokes aside, it's really refreshing to see Bridgers get a tattoo like this. It shows that she has true gratitude for her fans in a way that is far more than an empty platitude. We'd love to see more musicians don't things like this in the future. 

But fans, please. Don't anonymously leave weaponry for your favorite musicians. Not everybody is going to be as understanding as Ms. Bridgers.