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People tend to have very strong feelings about pickles. Some people hate them so much that they'll toss out a sandwich or burger if a pickle has befouled it. Others love pickles to the point where they'll start throwing elbows if you dare to try to steal the pickle off there plate.

Then there are the people in this gallery, they take things to a whole new extreme. Thanks to their tattoos the entire world will know they are pickle aficionados until the day that they die. And a hearty tip o the cap to them.

Be proud to scream out to the world about what you like! It's not like they're alone in this. People have loved pickles for centuries. The humble pickled cucumber can trace its roots to the snacks enjoyed by workers as they built The Great Wall of China. Or possibly they hail from India around 2000 B.C. Or maybe the pickle was first enjoyed in ancient Mesopotamia. In other words, nobody is really sure where they came from. But damn, they're delicious. 

Do you know who loved pickles? The guy that our country is named after, that's who. Amerigo Vespucci made his name by selling goods to sailors as they set sail. Since pickles are designed to keep and not go rotten, Vespucci sold a shitload of them. So much so that he earned the nickname "The Pickle Merchant." 

If that isn't enough to make you love pickles, allow me to bring up the greatest pickle of all time. PICKLE RICK! Case closed. Pickles are awesome. Enjoy these pickle tattoos that are also awesome.