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Pie is the best damn dessert there is—it has fruit and a crunchy crust, it's sweet and warm, and it's normally made by your grandma. It is the total embodiment of home comforts, and deserves to be celebrated through baking and art. So on this national pie day, take a look at some cute pie tattoos. 

Pie is one of the oldest desserts in the world, originally popping up in ancient Egypt and Rome. Originally, pie crust was actually called a coffyn (the most badass name for pie crust) and people only ate the filling. But after the creation of America, people began eating the crust of pies as well. Most pies were meat pies, as it was difficult to find fruit during the time.

Pies were one of the few dishes which peasants and royals could both eat, as they were easy to customize depending on budget. Pies normally always had some type of decor, despite being made in a home kitchen or by a cook. Decorating pie was an easy and inexpensive way to dress up a meal, without needing extra ingredients or items. It also makes them one of the prettier foods to get tattooed.

What dessert would be your next tattoo?