While we often discuss the permanence of tattoos, we seldom dive into the lasting effects of other body modifications. Although piercings are generally considered to be semi-permanent by the public, it's important to recognize the impact they will have on the body.


Although we can easily take out our piercings or in some cases, have reconstructive surgery, in most cases we will always have scars. For example, I've retired a number of my piercings, but I still have small scars above my lip, on my nostril, on my earlobes, and above my belly button that plainly show what was once there.

In a video posted to her channel, body modification enthusiast and YouTuber QCKND discusses the permanence of piercings. QCKND specifically explains her journey with her philtrum piercing, which was stretched and has left a visible hole in her face.


What we are able to take away from QCKND and other piercing people's experiences is that these modifications can/do have a permanent impact on our bodies. Therefore, going forward it is important to education younger generations about the consequences so that they don't make the same mistakes.

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