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Pinterest has helped many clients find tattoo ideas, including having the reputation for being the hub of cute and dainty little inkings. At the same time, tattoo artists have either felt strongly against Pinterest tattoos, or that it is a reliable starting point for tattoo ideas. However, bringing an exact design for an artist to copy is generally frowned upon with reputable artists. Our advice: find an artist you would let put any tattoo of theirs on your body, but come to them prepared with Pinterest-inspired tattoo ideas… not with a Pinterest tattoo.

Whether you’re using Pinterest for home decor or for ideas for your next piece of ink, tattoos will consistently be one of the top reasons people turn to Pinterest. They rank as the most popular searches every single year.

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The top tattoo design type searched on Pinterest was “3D tattoo,” and the top search for tattoo placement was “elegant spine tattoos.”

(Searches for 3D tattoos +491%)/ (Searches for Elegant spine tattoos +787%)

Among male Pinterest users, “wolf” is the top searched term. For women, “small tattoos” are the top-searched design.

Overall, the top tattoo themes searched, was “inspirational tattoos” and “self-love tattoos.”

(Searches for Inspirational tattoos +1448% and searches for Self love tattoos +1320%)

For searches around the world, Australia is all about the lip tattoos, with searches at a rate of +204%. People from France are searching for “pink minimalist tattoos,” at +410%

Interestingly, people from the U.S. are searching for “Queen” tattoos, with searches up to “more than one thousand percent.” (+1414% to be exact.)

We will never rank a tattoo dedicated to the everlastingly fantastic British band, but this one is forever our favorite:

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.58.01 AM