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Pixar has made an incredible mark on the movie industry, creating some of the most influential computer animated films of all time. In 1979, Pixar was created as a part of Lucasfilm's computer division and then was spun-off as a corporation in 1986. The company got off the ground with the help of Steve Jobs, who became Pixar's majority shareholder. The studio released it's first film, "Toy Story" in 1995, which was the first ever computer animated feature film. Since then, Pixar has released 22 films and has acquired 21 Academy Awards. In 2006, Pixar was purchased by Disney for a staggering $7.4 billion and the studio's franchises were welcomed into the Magic Kingdom.

Pixar's upcoming film, which comes to Disney+ on December 25th, is "Soul." The film follows a music teacher (voiced by Jamie Foxx) whose soul gets separated from his body and trapped in the Great Before, "a world where souls develop personalities, quirks and traits before being sent off to Earth." In addition to Foxx, the film features vocal performances by Tina Fey, Questlove, Daveed Diggs and Angela Bassett.

In honor of Pixar's upcoming movie, take a look at 125 of our favorite tattoos inspired by the studio's most popular films. Then let us know your favorite Pixar film in the comments section on social media.

"Toy Story"

Year Released: 1995

Plot: A child's toys come to life, with Andy's toys Woody (an old fashioned cowboy) and Buzz (an astronaut action figure) evolving from rivals to allies.

Voice Actors: Tom Hanks as Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head and Wallace Shaw as Rex.

Sequel(s): "Toy Story 2" 1999, "Toy Story 3" 2010 and "Toy Story 4" 2019.

"A Bug's Life"

Year Released: 1998

Plot: An ant named Flik works to save his colony from hungry grasshoppers by recruiting a group of circus performing insects.

Voice Actors: Dave Foley as Flik, Kevin Spacey as Hopper, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Princess Atta and Hayden Panetierre as Dot.

"Monsters, Inc"

Year Released: 2001

Plot: Monsters Sulley and Mike are employees at an energy-producing factory that generates power through scaring children. They believe that human children are toxic and when one sneaks into their world, they must return her home.

Voice Actors: John Goodman as Sulley, Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski, Steve Buschemi as Randall and Bob Peterson as Roz.

Sequel: "Monsters University" 2013

"Finding Nemo"

Year Released: 2003

Plot: A clownfish named Marlin and a regal blue tang named Dory search the ocean for Marlin's missing son, Nemo.

Voice Actors: Albert Brooks as Marlin, Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, Alexander Gould as Nemo and Willem Dafoe as Gill.

Sequel: "Finding Dory" 2016

"The Incredibles"

Year Released: 2004

Plot: A family of superheros who must hide their powers under law are thrown into conflict when the patriarch, Mr. Incredible is seduced back into the crime fighting business.

Voice Actors: Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter as Mr. Incredible, Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone and Brad Bird as Edna Mode.

Sequel: "Incredibles 2" 2018


Year Released: 2007

Plot: A rat named Remy teams up with a human named Linguini to fulfill his dream of becoming a chef in Paris.

Voice Actors: Patton Oswalt as Remy, Lou Romano as Linguini, Brad Garrett as Gusteau and Janeane Garofalo as Colette.


Year Released: 2008

Plot: A trash compactor robot named WALL-E is left alone to clean up a deserted Earth only to meet a robot called EVE, whom he falls in love with.

Voice Actors: Ben Burtt as WALL-E, Elissa Knight as EVE, Jeff Garlin as Captain B. McCrea and Fred Willard as Shelby Forthright.


Year Released: 2009

Plot: An elderly widower Carl and a young boy Russell travel to South America in Carl's  home, which is lifted off the ground through thousands of balloons.

Voice Actors: Ed Asner as Carl, Jordan Nagai as Russell, Bob Peterson as Dug and Pete Docter as Kevin.