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Meet Polyana Viana, a 26-year-old Brazilian UFC fighter in the strawweight division. She made her Octagon debut on February 4th of 2018 and currently has 4 wins by knockout, 6 wins by submission. And while most of her fights are confined to the UFC, on Saturday, March 16th, she unleashed her skills on a man who attempted to mug her.

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While waiting for an Uber to pick her up outside of her apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Viana was approached by a man on the street. In a statement the UFC fighter made about the incident, she explained:

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Once Viana realized that the gun being used against her was a fake, she put her fighting skills into action and swiftly took down the assailant. 


Once Viana had the mugger in an arm lock, she asked pedestrians to call the police. The mugger was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries before heading to the police station. Viana canceled her plans and headed back to her apartment for dinner at home.

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