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Get ready to see a copyright attorney's wet dream. As they gaze at Star Wars characters mingling with a character from "The Karate Kid," you know their blood pressure goes through the roof as they imagine the sweet, sweet litigation that could follow. Luckily, unless "The Hangover 4" decides to use one of these tattoos as the focal point of their advertising campaign, lawyers aren't going to be running wild to sue the artists/clients involved here. We hope... fingers crossed. 

These tattoos bring to life one of my favorite things to do as a kid—mixing pop culture universes at a whim. My backyard sandbox was a mixture of Tattooine and Cybertron, controlled by various factions of GI Joe, Cobra, S.H.I.E.L.D, the Masters of the Universe, some pizza-loving turtles and, for some reason, a 3-foot-tall rubber Andre the Giant. It was pretty damn cool. 

The point is that I never let my creativity be restrained by the fictional universe each action figure was designed to exist within. If Serpentor had a rift with the rest of Cobra he was more than welcome to join Michelangelo and the boys in the Party Wagon while getting his revenge. Anything could happen! 

Art can be the same way, even when you're basing it off of an established pop culture icon. That's why these mashup tattoos are so much fun. In a tattoo, Tyler Durden and Bart Simpson can exist in the same universe. I mean, hell, they're both just figments of your imagination, if you really consider it. I mean, you know that Rick and Morty are pretty fuckin' sus, so it's no surprise to see them get the Among Us treatment. 

Think outside the box with us and enjoy the hell out of these pop culture mashup tattoos. 

Rick and Morty vs. Among Us

Pretty Much The Entire Last Decade of Pop Culture and Albert Einstein

Disney Princesses Meet The Beatles

The Mandalorian vs. Puppies

Bart Durden 

Captain Spaulding vs. Super Mario Bros.

The Jedi Visit Aurora 

Sailor Pikachu

Snorlax vs. Umaru Chan

There is a lot going on here... 

Punk Rock Alf

Deadpool vs. Howard the Duck? Daffy Duck? Donald Duck? The point is he's a duck now.

Bender Bending Rodriguez and Rick Sanchez... God helps us all. 

When Jokers Collide

Danzig At His Kewpiest

Portal Guns, Bitch

On Wax, Off Wax