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Post Malone brought in the new year in style. Not only did the musician give a raucous performance in Times Square while wearing a stylish hot pink suit, but he also debuted yet another new face tattoo. 

There was a time not so long ago when Post only had the barbed wire tattoo running across his hairline. That was followed by a small little heart on his cheek. But once he added the now-iconic "Stay Away" tattoo just above his right eyebrow, he was off to the races. 

Post added some wicked medieval weaponry to his face on the last day of 2019. The tattoo is of a gauntlet (the fancy term for the glove part of a suit of armor) holding a mace-and-chain (or maybe it's a flail or a chained morningstar, these weapons have a lot of different names). 

Unfortunately for the user of said mace-and-chain, the chain has snapped as the spiked ball appears to be careening towards Post's chin. Ouch. 

Tattooer Kyle Hediger closed out his year on a high note by creating this fantastic piece. "Last tattoo of 2019," Hediger posted on Instagram. "Gauntlet on the baby boy @postmalone love u. 2020 is going to be next level. Love you all 💚"

One of the reasons that the tattoo seems to work so well is the juxtaposition between the imagery and Post's demeanor. The rapper is just about the chillest human on Earth, yet he's wearing a tattoo of a weapon used to smash people's skulls into itsy bitsy pieces. It's all a little absurd, but that's what makes it work. 

Now that Post has the sword and this piece on his face, what do you think will be the next piece of medieval weaponry to be added to his collection? A crossbow? A halberd? Maybe a bunch of caltrops? Whatever it is, we're here for it.