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It feels like every other week, Post Malone gets a new tattoo. Seriously, wasn't I writing about the skull he got on his head just the other day? Anyways, this man loves getting tattooed and for a 24-year-old, he's got a considerable amount of ink on his face. I mean honestly, where does he have left to ink?

This time around, Post got a matching devil skull on the side of his face with tattoo artist Kyle Hediger. The tattoo was inked by artist Ick Abrams and includes the number "77" written in red ink.

Hediger has been Post's go to tattooer for some time now—inking the flail on his chin at the end of 2019 as well as the animal skull on his neck in 2017. Hediger and Post have been close for many years and surprisingly, this isn't their first matching tattoo. Back in September 2018, Hediger and Post got matching "77" tattoos on the bridge of their noses at Made in America by JonBoy. We'd love to know the connection the number 77 has to this pair.

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